FAMILY PACK (Carton) – (50pcs x 40) =2000PCS

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O-Care Medical Face Mask || TMFO2 Family Pack (50pcs X 1) X 40 packs = 1 carton (2000pcs) || For orders above 100 cartons call our customer care number || Next day Delivery by Redstar Express within Lagos, Customers can also use self pick up, to pick up physically from the factory without paying delivery fee. Outside Lagos: Call our customer care number to manage the process 08150616693; 08150616672


O-Care Medical Face Mask is a brand name for 3-Ply face mask. It offers maximum protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and all known viruses with breathable comfort and low respiratory resistance. Yes, this pandemic affects what you must look like every time you step outside and usage of face-mask is not limited to lab scientists and surgeons anymore; Usage of face-mask is now pertinent to everyone more than ever.

Use of face-mask is beyond its fashion and has more to do with its preventive measures to protect you and people around you from infection. Hence, the function of O-Care Medical Face mask cuts across all walks of life and we have successfully designed a Face-mask that can be used by anybody, anytime.

O-Care Medical Face-mask is comfortable because it is easy to wear and does not leave marks or rashes on your face. Our product also allows you to breathe easily and exchange of filtered gas between you and your environment and most importantly keeps you invulnerable of airborne transmissible diseases.

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