O-Care Medical Face Mask is a brand name for 3-Ply Medical/Surgical Face Mask produced by Transgreen Nigeria Limited. It guarantees 100% protection from dust, pollen, bacteria and more than 95% protection against all known viruses. It provides breathable comfort with low respiratory resistance.

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Transgreen Nigeria Limited is registered with corporate Affairs Commission and is a member of Transerve Disc Technologies Limited group of companies, located at Plot 2&3, Block VI, Royalty Place, Alakoso Avenue, Odofin Park Est, Ijesha Bus Stop, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos (www.transerveng.com). The company is into manufacturing and selling of disposable medical face mask. It is indeed one of the best products produced and marketed in Nigeria.

It is no more breaking news that COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of the world and people living in it. Economy, Education, Businesses, Religion, Sports, Entertainment and other human activities have been disrupted since the evolution of this pandemic. The world is yet to find a preventive vaccine or a curative drug to arrest this scourge. Respiratory hygiene has taken a center stage in curbing the spread of this contagious virus. Wearing a face mark is also one of the ways of preventing yourself from other carriers and ensuring that you don‘t transmit the virus to other innocent people incase you are already a victim. It was a shock fpr us to learn prior to covid19 pandemic that there was no local medical face mask manufacturing facility in Nigeria. Transgreen Nigeria Limited is here to contribute her quota in fighting this pandemic and to promote health security in the country.

There are two major classifications of Face Mask
Non-Medical Face Masks (Non-Surgical or Community Masks) include various forms of self-made or commercial masks or face covers; made of cloths, textiles or other materials such as rubber or paper. They may protect from pollen and dust but has zero protection against bacteria and all known viruses. Depending on the material used in the production, they may pose a health respiratory risks.

Medical Face Masks (also referred to as Surgical Masks) is a loose-fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. It protects from airborne infectious diseases such as bacteria and viruses, bodily fluids and 
particulate matter.

A surgical or medical mask helps block:
• Large particle droplets
• Splashes/sprays
• Splatter

Medical masks are commonly used in surgeries and outpatient department (OPD) sessions in order to shield medical professionals from possible contaminations. With advent of covid19 pandemic the use of medical face mask has extended beyond the hospitals. All health conscious persons who wants to be genuinely protected from the contagious virus have adapted medical face mask as part of his or her daily clothing whether at home or outside the home.

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O-Care Medical Face Mask is a brand name for 3-Ply face mask. It offers 95% protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and all known viruses with breathable comfort and low respiratory resistance. It is manufactured by Transgreen Nigeria Limited.

O-Care Medical Face Mask can be used by both medical practitioners and by anybody who wants to protect himself and everybody around him. It comes in all colors to match your dress sense and build your self esteem and confidence.

O-Care Medical Face Mask is made in Nigeria with the middle layer made of Meltblown material which filters out bacteria, pollen,dust, and viruses.

O-Care Medical Face Mask is comfortable because it is easy to wear and does not leave marks or rashes on your face. Our product also allows you to breathe easily and facilitates exchange of air between you and your environment and most importantly, it keeps you invulnerable to airborne diseases.


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